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Asparagus- Purple Spot

Every now and then you will come across a defect you have never seen before. This defect on asparagus, although not really rare, it is a defect you will see but it may not be seen for years at a time.

The defect shown here is called Purple Spot. There is no mention of this defect in the U.S. Grade Standards for Asparagus, nor will you find a reference to this defect in the USDA’s Inspection Instructions. The USDA will score this defect as a condition defect, as it will change and progress. Since the USDA has not established a scoring guideline, when you encounter this defect you must default to the standard, score as a defect (damage) when materially affecting its appearance. There is one spear, in the middle which does not have enough purple spot to materially affect its appearance, but the other spears would all be scored as damage by Purple Spot, including 3 that would also be scored as serious damage.

Purple Spot is a field disease, caused by a fungus. As with all fungus type pathogens they are most prevalent in seasons where rainy, wet weather has occurred. To learn more about this defect, please click here.

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