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Common Questions

We at International Produce Training have been holding training classes for almost 20 years. The classes have consisted of learners with various skill levels, some having as much as 30 years experience and others being brand new on the job. One of the constants through our lively training sessions are a few questions we seem […]

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Eggplant- Open Spaces

I can’t say this is a common defect that I’ve encountered over the years, but the USDA must have thought it was worth developing a new visual aid for this defect. The US Grade Standards nor the USDA Inspection Instructions do not mention this defect. It is normal practice to always cut some eggplant while […]

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Apples- Splitting

Recently a warehouse received some tray pack apples with a very unusual defect. The apples were found to have sever splitting emanating around the stem end. The flesh was described as “grainy or sandy.” From my experience, I have seen some varieties of apples being prone to stem end cracking, Honey Crisp and Stayman come […]

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Company Specifications

More and more companies are choosing to create their own “Company Produce Buying Specifications” as a method to improve their quality of produce received, better than U.S. No.1 Grade. These fresh produce specs usually include changes to minimum sizes, uniform size, or increased tolerances for defects, including decay, The USDA has always provided, with their […]

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Oranges- Sooty Mold

At a recent training class we inspected oranges from Chile. When popping the lids everyone was surprised to see a black discoloration affecting the majority of the oranges within the carton. The defect we found is called Sooty Mold. This is caused by a fungus that adheres to excretions of the white fly and other […]

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Blackberries- Red Cell

Red Cell is the name given to the red color sometimes seen on Blackberries.  This falls into the category of being somewhat controversial. To be honest, I have seen this reddish color on blackberries for years and never scored this as a defect.  I never had seen another USDA inspector score this as a defect either.  […]

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Web-Based Courses Now Available

International Produce Training is proud to introduce web based course instruction on the inspection of fresh fruit and vegetables. A full slate of lessons are available to everyone.  These on-line courses are a great supplement to onsite training.  Many companies have reached out to us asking for this service, and now it is here. All […]

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