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The Inspectors’ Blog is a discussion group open to everyone and anyone interested in the inspection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ask a question or submit a comment; your expertise will be beneficial to all.

If you have a picture of a defect you would like added to the blog, (to ask others of its cause or how to score the defect), please send the picture(s) to; and I will be sure to post it for everyone to see.

Inspection Guidelines

View the grade standards, tolerances and common defects for over 40 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Also included, are Good Delivery Guidelines established by USDA/AMS/PACA. Inspection Guidelines

Product Inspection Quiz

Test your inspection knowledge with our produce inspection quiz. Take all 5 tests to see how you much you know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout some of our frequently asked questions. Please ask questions on the Inspectors’ Blog Posts or you can contact us.

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