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USDA Good Delivery Webinar

During our training classes we encounter many questions regarding good delivery tolerances, and whether loads meet or fail these specs.  On December 5th, the USDA is hosting a live webinar, free to anyone interested.  Listed below is from the USDA: Interpreting USDA Fruit & Vegetable Inspections: Does the shipment make good delivery? Please join us […]

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Table Grapes- Import Requirements

On April 10th, all seedless grapes being imported into the United States from Chile will have to meet U.S. Import Requirements.  What exactly does this mean? The United States has import requirements that are effective on April 10th of each year.  These import requirements offer protection for California grape growers from having competing countries export below quality grapes into the […]

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The Packer- Fresh Talk Blog

About a week ago I had the pleasure of paticipating in an on-line chat with Tom Karst, National Editor of The Packer.  He asked me a few questions about International Produce Training, what we offer to the produce industry and a few questions about my experience with the USDA, during the bribery scandal in Hunts Point. The entire chat […]

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Operation Forbidden Fruit- 10 Year Anniversary

It is hard to imagine but ten years has past by since Operation Forbidden Fruit occurred.  In late October 1999, eight USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Inspectors, including two supervisors were arrested on charges of bribery and corruption.  On a personal note, I was one of the replacement inspectors called in that day, to continue inspections at the […]

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Appeal Inspections

One of the most interesting reactions I receive during my training classes, is the discussion that follow questions about appeal inspections.  To begin with, appeal inspections are used when a receiver or a shipper of produce feel the inspector errorred in judgement.  They request an appeal inspection, on the chance the new inspection will supersede or […]

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Good Delivery Guidelines

You have heard the phrase over and over, “It fails to grade, but it makes good delivery!”  What does this mean?  PACA uses these guidelines to determine if a load of produce meets “Suitable Shipping Condition,” a requirement for shippers to meet their contractual agreements. First let’s clarify the ground rules.  Good delivery applies to […]

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Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Effective September 30, 2008 most retailers will be mandated to adhere to the policies regarding the country of origin labeling for all fresh fruits and vegetables. Please refer to the following link Country of Origin Labeling Requirements regarding news, information and contacts for this requirement The main point of contact for questions or concerns you may have, concerning COOL is:  Martin […]

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