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USDA Good Delivery Webinar

During our training classes we encounter many questions regarding good delivery tolerances, and whether loads meet or fail these specs.  On December 5th, the USDA is hosting a live webinar, free to anyone interested.  Listed below is from the USDA:

Interpreting USDA Fruit & Vegetable Inspections: Does the shipment make good delivery?

Please join us for a live, interactive discussion via webinar, “Interpreting USDA Fruit & Vegetable Inspections: Does the shipment make good delivery?”.

The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) Division has a customer service line (800-495-7222) that allows the produce industry to call and get real time answers to real time problems. The majority of the questions asked by the industry relate to USDA inspections. More specifically, “Does the load make good delivery or not?”

So, if you have ever had a question regarding a USDA inspection certificate or wondered how those inspection results affect your company, then you definitely should join us for this webinar.

Your presenter will be Jacob Garcia, a Marketing Specialist for PACA, and he will discuss the following:

• The sections found on a USDA inspection certificate.
• When should you call for an inspection?
• What type of inspection should be requested?
• The difference between quality and condition defects.
• What questions will PACA ask you, when calling the customer service line?
• What are your responsibilities after receiving an inspection certificate?
• Examples on how to interpret an inspection.

The webinar will conclude with an interactive question and answer session.

The webinar is free and available to anyone with Internet access. Registration is, however, required and space is limited.

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