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Ugli Ripe Tomatoes

Ugli Ripes and Vintage Ripes tomatoes are now being inspected in Florida, and are partially exempted from meeting  the Marketing Order requirements.  Simply put, the tomatoes must meet the requirements of the U.S. No. 2 Grade, except they may be misshapen and they may be slightly rough (as compared with the shoulders being smooth).

USDA inspectors are being instructed to report on their certificates the percentage of misshapen tomatoes and tomatoes being more than slighlty rough, even though they are not defects of the Ugli Ripes and Vintage Ripes variety.  In other words, the inspection certificate may report the tomaotes as failing to grade, but they will meet the requirements of the Marketing Order. (Federal Register-Tomatoes Grown in Florida)

Bottom line, if the tomaotes arrive with some problems, such as soft, decay, sunken discolored areas, etc., you can request a Federal Inspection and the tomatoes still must meet those tolerances of the grade requirements.  Ignore the shape issues and the ridges commonly found on these tomatoes….as they are not defects.


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Anonymous Says:

these tomatoes are not only ugly, but I personally don’t think they taste all that great.
Most of the time they arrive with bruises and/or borderline soft. IMO

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