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Silvery White- Sweet Peppers

Have you seen the silvery white discoloration usually found on red or green peppers?  Do you think it should be scored as a defect?  Or is the discoloration only slight and not really an issue?  The USDA scores the defect if the area affected is greater than 10% of the surface.  Too easy?  Too hard?  Let me hear your thoughts.  If anyone has a better picture of the silvery white discoloration please e-mail it to me ( and I will post it for everyone to see.

5 Comments on “Silvery White- Sweet Peppers”

Anonymous Says:

On the red peppers it really stands out. Maybe there should be two scoring guidelines…..more than 10% surface area for green peppers, and more than 1 inch diameter for red peppers.

Anonymous Says:

We are all over the board with this defect. Some inspectors score this on sight, while others competely ignore it. I don’t think it should be a defect unless the area affected is really discolored and more than 33% of the surface. And this same defect shows up on green onions. Inspectors are all over the place on scoring that defect too.

Anonymous Says:

For me to score, it has to be a a definate color contrast, not pale green

AndrewBoldman Says:

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CrisBetewsky Says:

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