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Do you know the difference between what is scored as Yellowing and what is scored as Blanching?

  • Yellowing (#1) is due to age, and is scored as a defect when the yellow color is plainly visible.  In other words, whenever you see any amount of yellow color, the lime is scored against the (5%) tolerance for serious damage.
  • Blanching (#2) is due to the lime not coloring up properly during the growing process.  Whenever there is more than 25% of the surface not having a good green color, the lime is scored against the (10%) tolerance for color.  There is also a (10%) tolerance for other defects.

3 Comments on “Limes-Yellowing/Blanching”

Anonymous Says:

Thanks for clearing this up. I love your pictures! I assume inspecting Limes in well-lit conditions is a must.

Anonymous Says:

If I asked for a Condition Only inspection, the percentage of blanching would not be reported. Blanching is a quality defect, while yellowing is a condition defect. Yellowing is really hard to see in our warehouse, with our lighting conditions.

barb Says:

the photos above do not distinguish which photo is blanching and which is yellowing

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