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Cherries- Pebbling

Well, the USDA has come out with a new defect for sweet cherries.  You will not find this mentioned in the U.S. Standards, nor will you find any reference to this in their inspection instructions.  Pebbling will now be scored when the surface of the cherry is showing a rough or pebbled texture.  The image below was distributed by the USDA to identify this defect:

Have you seen this before?  During my 30 plus years as a USDA inspector I encountered this “pebbing” on many occassions.  No one in the USDA scored this as a defect, and I never heard a receiver complain about the cherries having a rough texture.  After contacting  5 current inspectors, all with experience ranging from 20 to 30 years, no one had ever thought this should be scored as a defect, or remembered an applicant (receiver) complaining about this.  Most everyone felt the pebbling was characteristic of the variety, and did not detract from the appearance.  So I am not sure where this new scoring guideline is coming from.  I am sure the U.S. cherry growers/shippers were never consulted before making this decsion.

If you encounter this in future inspections, the cherries are usually hard to firm, and the pebbling may show varying degrees, affecting 33 to 100% of the surface, some being more pebbled than others.  I have never seen the pebbling progress, and the flesh and the taste of the cherry is not affected.

It would have been a good idea if the USDA offered some clear scoring guidelines to help inspectors determine if a cherry with a rough texture would be a defect.  The guideline is:  Score as damage when the affected area is distinct and readily noticeable, and score as serious damage if the affected area seriously detracts from the appearance.  Hopefully the USDA will issue some visual aids soon.  Unfortunately they have not stated if the cherries shown above would be scored as a defect, scored as damage, or scored as serious damage.

As a shipper, I would suggest requesting digital images of any pebbling scored as a defect on your inspection reports.  As a receiver, check with your buyer/manager to see if you should score pebbling as a defect…….if it hasn’t bothered anyone for the last 50 years, why would it be a problem now?

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Jeff Provost Says:

I’m not sure if this is the same as “pitting”, which I have scored against for the last 4 years. I, as well as consumers, also found it to be detracting from appearacne for the 20+ years, that I worked at retail level.

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