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Broccoli-Florets Discoloration

Broccoli florets (and crowns) are covered under the U.S. Grade Standards for Broccoli.  A blogger sent in these pictures and was interested in everyone’s comments.  Would the discoloration affecting the cut stems be a defect?  There is no definite mention of this in the grade standard, only the general definition of damage, “materially detracts from the appearance, or the edible or marketing quality of the broccoli.”

Let me know your thoughts……no defect…..damage….or serious damage?

5 Comments on “Broccoli-Florets Discoloration”

Anonymous Says:

The second picture I would call “not neatly cut” It looks frayed and jagged

The other ones I would not score as long as the discoloration is only on the buttt It’s oxidation

PBB Says:

I would score the florets based on the general defintion of damage. Florets are supposed to be ready to eat; the discoloration (whatever the cause) is objectionable.

Anonymous Says:

The majority of inspectors in our office agreed to score the discoloration as damage….no one would score it as serious damage.

Hendrik Says:

Is that you (PBB) Paul Bruce Beattie?

tyawman Says:

A comment from an e-mail I received- “I have also seen this web-like dis-coloration in broccoli- on my sample, after cutting, the discoloring went almost to the flower ends of the vegetable. It also left the vegetable with a bitter taste, and was extensively in-edible. I scored as damage but serious damage would also not be out of the question depending on the degree of the problem.


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