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Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Recently we have started to see more and more use of modified atmosphere packaging for different fruits and vegetables.  The breathable packaging is designed to create the optimal shelf life conditions.  This is done by proprietary engineering of the package’s polymer so that the correct balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide is maintained while excess moisture is allowed to escape.After sealing the bag, the fruit/vegetable’s natural respiration lowers the oxygen concentration inside. This results in an increase in the carbon dioxide concentration. As the oxygen concentration declines, the fruit/vegetable’s respiration rate decreases until equilibrium is reached, at which point the rate of oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production by the produce in the bag equals the oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability of the bag.
This bag, the Xtend®MA/MH environment, suppresses development of decay-causing micro-organisms while preserving the quality and nutritional value of the packaged produce.

Have you noticed improvements with the quality of the product, such as less discoloration, less shriveling? 






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Anonymous Says:

We have had good luck with this packaging. When receiving cucumbers we have noticed less shriveled ends than usual.

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