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Take an Inspection Quiz

You will find a new feature added to my home page. 
“Take the IPT Quiz” will take you to a page devoted to quizzes designed to test your fresh produce inspection knowledge.  The quizzes are designed to challenge all skill levels.  For those slightly less experienced, utilize the Inspection Guidelines for your reference.  I’ll update the quizzes periodically and provide you additional opportunities to test your knowledge.

If you have any suggestions of quiz topics (apple quiz, citrus quiz, vegetable quiz) be and sure and let me know.

3 Comments on “Take an Inspection Quiz”

Anonymous Says:

I’d like to see how PBB would do on this quiz

Donald P. Says:

I took it earlier today. Great job!!! Look forward
to future quizzes.

tyawman Says:

I getting ready to create another quiz. If anyone has some good questions, that you think would challenge the masses, please feel free to send them on. You can submit the questions via the blog or send them to me through e-mail at:

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