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Inspectors’ Blog; Introduction!

Inspection-related topics

Please feel welcome to join in on the discussion involving the inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables.  This blog was created to give you the opportunity to ask and comment on produce inspection-related topics.  Whether you have a question concerning the U.S. Grade Standards, a defect you are not sure of identifying, a situation that you would like to hear how others are handling, this is your place.

Everyone is welcome!

This forum is open to anyone; a quality control inspector at a packing house, at a distribution center, or a wholesale market.  We also welcome all USDA Federal and Federal-State Inspectors, performing shipping point inspections or terminal market inspections.

Send in your questions and comments!

For everyone to benefit, please don’t hold back on your comments or suggestions to any and all questions submitted.  The posts will not be deleted, and older topics can be reviewed by using the “Search” feature.

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If you would like to remain anonymous (as a Guest), or if you would like to leave your name, it is your choice. 

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If you have a question involving a specific defect, and you have a digital image, please e-mail me the picture and I will place the image for everyone to see, share and comment.  Send your images to:

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12 Comments on “Inspectors’ Blog; Introduction!”

Anonymous Says:

This looks like a good place to exchange ideas!

Anonymous Says:

I have had many questions over the years, but no one to ask. I know I will be checking this site often. Great idea!

Anonymous Says:

What a great idea. Tom Yawman IS an expert when it comes to Fruit and Vegetable inspection. The produce industry, both domestic and international, surely stands to benefit from his expertise. Further, his services will undoubtedly be much more cost effective than the USDA’s. (It’s almost like getting his extensive USDA at a “discount”). Book it!

Anonymous Says:

I like this idea alot. A network of produce people sharing their expertise.

Anonymous Says:

The talk of adding an aditional 5% tolerance for Shattered Berries in the Table Grape Standard is crazy. Leave it alone.

Anonymous Says:

When you are #1 everyone tries to knock you down a notch or two. The USDA Inspectors are used to the bashing as they have put up with a lot throughout the years.
They will not only survive all of this, but will remain at the top. They are all professionals and deserve recognition, not bashing.

olden timer Says:

Did the USDA FY 2008 accounting numbers ever get released or is there still some massaging to be done to them???

PBB Says:

From what I heard, the numbers were better than the past 4-5 years, but the inspection program still lost millions. I don’t think anyone needs to see a report to tell them the future is bleak. Probably 2-3 more years, tops. I guess the inspection fees could be raised, once again, but will that only lead to less inspections? Of course!

JJ Says:

Haven’t you heard? The coming year is going to be “Dynamic!” This comes after years and years of predicting “Exciting Times” for the inspection service. What’s next? How about some good old stand-bys; next year we can have “Good Times” followed by “Dyn-O-Mite!” the following year.

Anonymous Says:

2nd quarter results are out.
Dyn-O-Mite is the word for it.

The major artery is still bleeding very badly.

Anonymous Says:

3rd quarter is out.
Any better news?

seneously Says:

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