International Produce Training

Honeydew Melons


U.S. No. 1.

U.S. Commercial.

U.S. No. 2.



10% total defects, including 5% for serious damage, including 1% for decay.


Good Delivery Guidelines:
15% total, including 8% serious damage, including 3% decay

Common Defects:

Damage by:

(a) Skin breaks when cuts or gouges are deep, or when any skin break is unhealed.

(b) Discoloration when 20% of the melons’ surface has a light brown discoloration or 10% of the surface has a dark brown discoloration.

(c) Liquid in the seed cavity when the liquid flows freely from the melon while cutting.

(d) Sunburn when it causes the rind to become brownish in color, hard, tough, or thin.


Serious damage by:

(a) Skin breaks when the skin breaks extend in to the flesh of the melon.

(b) Discoloration when seriously affecting the appearance of the melon.

(c) Liquid in the seed cavity when the liquid is fermented, or when the flesh of the cavity wall is noticeably soft, discolored, or fermented.

(d) Sunburn when the flesh is seriously discolored, when causing a cracking of the rind, or when seriously affecting the appearance or marketing quality of the melon.

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