International Produce Training

Topped Carrots


U.S. Extra No. 1.

U.S. No. 1.

U.S. No. 1 Jumbo.

U.S. No. 2.



10% total defects, including 5% for serious damage, including 2% for soft rot.


Good Delivery Guidelines:
15% total, including 8% serious damage, including 4% decay

Common Defects:

Damage by:

(a) Fresh cracks when the air crack is more than: 1/5 (20%) the length of the carrot; 1/8 inch wide, or 1/4 inch deep.


Serious damage by:

(a) Fresh cracks when more than: 1/2 (50%) the length of the carrot; 1/4 inch wide, or 3/8 inch deep.

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