International Produce Training



U.S. No. 1.

U.S. No. 1 Long Stem.

U.S. No. 2.



10% Total defects, including 2% decay.


Good Delivery Guidelines:
15% total, including 4% decay

Common Defects:

Damage by:

(a) Spreading when, the scales at the tip are opening but not to the extent that the heart is exposed.

(b) Misshapen, when not excessively long and pointed.


Serious damage by:

(a) Spreading when, practically all of the scales have spread, exposing the flower parts in the center of the bud.

(b) Overdeveloped when the artichoke has a brownish color; the scales are tough, leathery, and stringy and the flower in the center of the bud has turned dark pink or purple and become fuzzy.

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