International Produce Training

How the Training Program Works

International Produce Training offers a convenient and customized produce inspection training program tailored to your company’s needs. You pick the commodities and we build the lessons. You work with an experienced IPT trainer to develop a course curriculum with the commodities of your choice. Our trainer will come to your location and train your employees. Your employees will be taught the most current inspection practices and up-to-date defect scoring guidelines.

Are You Interested in the Training Program?

In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Contact us to express your interest in the training program
  2. We will follow up with a discussion regarding the commodities, class size, location and cost
  3. We travel to your location and provide instructor led on-the-job training

Experienced USDA Trainers

The trainers at International Produce Training offer over 30 years of USDA experience. In 2001, the USDA Fresh Products Branch created a National Training and Development Center, in Fredericksburg, VA. Tom Yawman, the founder of International Produce Training, was placed at the Training Center from its inception. Paul Manol, a trainer for International Produce Training, was a Training Specialist.


Having a reputable and knowledgeable trainer come to your place of business is a major convenience. Some training programs expect you to send your employees to them. This is often not feasible for many company’s due to geographic or financial restrictions. The scheduling for other training programs can also be a problem since it’s dictated and not negotiated. It only makes sense for International Produce Training to send the trainer to you.

Customized Training Program

Customized training programs are rare these days. A lot of training programs out there today are built for a one-size-fits-all mentality. At International Produce Training we know a customized produce inspection training program is the most valuable and efficient manner to train your employees. We work with you to design the training program course curriculum. You pick the commodities and we build the lessons.