International Produce Training

Table Grapes


U.S. Extra Fancy Table.

U.S. Extra Fancy Export.

U.S. Fancy Table.

U.S. Fancy Export.

U.S. No. 1 Table.

U.S. No. 1 Institutional.


Table II Tolerances En Route or at Destination

U.S. No. 1

(A) For bunches failing to meet color requirements: 10%

(B) For bunches failing to meet requirements for minimum diameter of berries: 10%

(C) For offsize bunches and for bunches and berries failing to meet the remaining requirements for the grade: 12% including in (C):

(a) For permanent defects: 8%

(b) For serious damage: 4% and, including in (b):

(i) For serious damage by permanent defects: 2%

(ii) For decay: 1%

Good Delivery Guidelines:
15% total, including 6% serious damage, including 3% decay

Common Defects:

Discoloration, shattered berries, wet and sticky berries, and split berries.

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