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Produce Inspection Training Program

With over 30 years of USDA experience, we will train your employees how to properly inspect fresh fruits and vegetables to the most current inspection practices and up-to-date defect scoring guidelines. The produce inspection training program is designed to cover the commodities of your choice. The training program includes instructor led lectures and hands-on training. For more information, learn how the produce inspection training program works.

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Customized Training Program

International Produce Training offers a customized Produce Inspection Training Program tailored for your needs. We design a course curriculum for only the commodities you feel are needed. Take a look at the produce inspection training programs course curriculum. If you believe a quick overview, or a refresher class is needed, timing can be designed to cover as many commodities as you would like in a short period of time. If you would like to train new staff, the time can be extended on certain commodity reviews to allow for a complete understanding of the inspection process. Empower your staff with the fresh fruit and vegetable produce inspection guidelines they need to be efficient and productive. If you specialize in the inspection and distribution of fruits and/or vegetables then your staff must be fully knowledgeable about inspection grade standards, tolerances and common defects. Class material will include electronic copies of all U.S. Grade Standards and Inspection Instructions for each commodity covered.

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Cost Effective

From a financial standpoint you will see a cost savings with the training being performed at your site, versus paying for individual registration fees, travel, and lost time of your employees traveling to Fredericksburg, VA, for the USDA Training Class. You can also expect to benefit a financial savings from fewer errors made at your inspection/receiving/shipping point due to the customized training, geared to the abilities and knowledge level of your staff.

Consider this scenario:

A typical trailer load of produce can range from $20K to $40K, and even higher. A mistake made by the person responsible for receiving or shipping the produce can lead to huge losses. What if that same mistake was made over and over? IPT will train your staff on how to identify defects and understand their relationship to shelf life. For example, a trailer load of strawberries arrive and they appear to be in good shape, with some bruised berries being found. If those bruised berries are really decayed berries the shelf life will be drastically different. Are you sure those are bruised berries? Another trailer arrives, with 900 cartons of iceberg lettuce. Is that rib discoloration, or is that russet spotting? How much is allowed on each head? How many heads can have rib discoloration? How many heads can have russet spotting? And if a mistake is made confusing rib discoloration with russet spotting, the lettuce with russet spotting could be worthless when it hits the retail shelves.

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The inspection training they receive from IPT will benefit your staff, your business and the consumers. If you are interested in more information please contact us.  If you feel IPT can benefit your business and your staff then begin the IPT Fresh Produce Inspection Training Program registration process.