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USDA Inspection Fees

A USDA inspector suggested I place a little additional information related to the inspection fees charged for their inspection work. The most recent fee increases took place a little over a year ago, but if you visit my Links page you will have access to the most recent inspection fees.

The fee chart is fairly easy to read, with the basic fee, for a full trailer load of one product, the fee is $151.  Remember the mileage fee is in addition, $1.32/mile, for roundtrip mileage between the USDA’s office and the place of inspection. 

The confusion begins when mixed loads are involved.  Different lots of the same commodity, the fee will be $151 plus an additional $69 for each lot.  For example;

  • 600 cartons of white grapefruit and
  • 2oo cartons of ruby red grapefruit

would result in an inspection fee of $151 plus $69, totalling $220.

If you have different commodies each commodity stands on its own.  Inspecting a mix load of citrus; 

would total about $500

A rail car of citrus containing;

  • 600 cartons oranges,
  • 600 cartons grapefruit,
  • 550 cartons lemons and
  • 150 cartons of tangerines

for a  total of $578.

As you can see, the inspection fee does vary on the number of containers in the lot.  The USDA has developed a carlot equivalency chart, to define the number of containers in a full load and half load.  If the the number of containers of the  product to be inspected is less than a half a trailer load, the inspection fee is $125, versus, the $151 fee for a full trailer load.  If you request an inspection on:

  • 75 cartons of green leaf,
  • 150 cartons of romaine,
  • 55 cartons of escarole,
  • 60 cartons of endive,  
  • 75 cartons of iceberg lettuce,

the inspection fee would be $125 for each lot (5) totalling $625.

Click on the link to open, print, or download the carlot equivalency chart.   Carlot Equivalents Chart

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oldentimer Says:

Any more news on USDA offices closing???? The fee structure has always been confusing? Has the FEIRS has fixed that????

A computer expert Says:

Has FEIRS fixed that you ask. FEIRS ..
ha-ha, what a joke that junkie program
is. It’s the biggest nightmare since
Jason from the slasher films.

GarykPatton Says:

Hi! I like your srticle and I would like very much to read some more information on this issue. Will you post some more?

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