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Although we were expecting something offiicial a few months ago, we just heard:


WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2009 — The United States Department of Agriculture today announced details of the final regulation for the mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) program required by the 2002 and 2008 farm bills. The full text of the final rule will be published in the Jan. 15, 2009 Federal Register. The rule becomes effective on March 16, 2009, 60 days after the date of publication. Copies of the final rule and additional information are on display on line at

By: Anonymous Sat, 08 Nov 2008 01:32:56 +0000 I am working with a company to promote traceback. Why doesn’t the USDA buy off on this “GS1 company prefix” as part of a “Positive Lot Identifcation” method? There are people in the USDA that can administratively approve this type of action in a minute. Why the delay, other than to have others feel their importance and power.
See the following link:
It would be perfect fit to Traceback and COOL.

By: anonymous Wed, 17 Sep 2008 01:50:54 +0000 Thanks for the great link! It takes me right to the information I need.